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the state. jane smith is hoping things will get better for her is her husband. >> i am going to get older and i know it will be more difcull. >> the hamms worry too and feel as long as they are together they can fix whatever tomorrow will bring. >> if we work together on everything and together whatever we do. >> for lee kim kimball the immediate concern is getting through the holidays. >> it is like you jumped out of an airplane without a parachute and you have is made promises you hope you can keep. i am banking on the goodness of people. you have to believe when nobody else does. >> for more about the community action agency and all the great organizations we have highlighted this week visit this is a real and personal issue for too many americans and deserves all of our >> viewers of the show know when it comes to joe biden i'm a big fan. but even in migrate admiration for the vice president it pales in comparison to that of one leslie mote lead character of show parks and recreation and cal
the fans and media harbaugh has made it clear he is not going to sweep smith aside. >>> apple goes after samsung, again. >>> major step toward happening in new york following superstorm sandy. >> trading underway on wall street. dow off about 73 points. we go to jane king at the new york stock exchange in , dont miss a note, next here on "good morning america." >> she is just as beautiful in person as she is on tv, oh my gosh. thank you so much. >> she is the best, the best. >> see you later. the morning commute just got easier for people in new york and new jersey. starting today some train services that were hit hard by sandy back up and running, happy news for a lot of commuters who rely on the port authority's path service to get to and from new york city. >>> apple has asked a federal court to add six more products to its suit against samsung, the case is one of two lawsuits by apple against samsung. apple claims tablets and smartphones infringed on eight of its patents. apple won a 1.5 billion dollar against samsung is i am >>> youtube has a top video investors will be watching ret
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)